Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Better show you a couple of cards


carol said...

Great cards Allison, i love the colours and the style on the top one :-)
Nice to see the dogs, i still miss not having my two around anymore :(
I am lucky that we do have a few other pets though! and i adore all of them :0)

Carol x

Craftling said...

Allison, those are some seriously beautiful cards! Love them! :-)

Heather xx

Anice said...

I recognise those cards! Now you know why Allisons on the team..she's great card maker!!
Anice xx

Jozza said...

They're gorgeous cards :o)

Jozza xxx

kath said...

Love the cards Allison especially the ones with the scrolls

Craftling said...

Oooh!! You didn't have the scrolly ones on there last time I looked! Love the scrolls.. are they rub-ons?

Heather xx