Sunday, 21 June 2009


You know I can't believe my first blogoversary came and went in April and I missed it and that i am at over 25000 hits

So to celebrate I am giving away some candy

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what your favourite animal is and why- you can link to your blog if you like

The closing date will be 28th June at 6pm and I will leave this post at the top until that date so please scroll down for new posts

My favourite animal is the dog and i just adore them and how loyal and trusting and loving they are
The candy is made up of
1 set of Dimensions baby stamps
1 Basic Grey flower stamp set
1 papermania fairy and crown stamp set
2 packs Lil metal Frames- gold and silver
1 K&Co button pack
2 reels ribbon
1 pack blue flowers
1 imaginisce crown stamp
8 gold peel offs- various flowers etc
1 Daisy and Dandelion transfers


Deanna Cosgrove said...

Okay, I can't miss out on a chance to win this yummy candy!

My fav animal is the Giraffe. I just find them so graceful, peaceful and unique. When my son was a baby I remember just going to the zoo and standing in front of the giraffe exhibit for long bits of time. On his first birthday he received a mother and baby giraffe stuffed animal set cause it was his fav too.

Happy belated blogiversary!............deanna

Tip Top said...

Who-hooo!! Congratulations! I've linked you up in my side bar too. My favourite animal? Oranga-Tang (sorry if spelt wrong!) I had a fairly close encounter with one (through the glass) at Chester Zoo a while ago - she was teasing me with the food in her mouth by offering it to me and when I put my hand out to take it, she stuffed it back in her mouth!

Chrisd said...

I like Koalas. I have a penpal in Australia since 1964, and from the start,Sue sent me photos of those cuties. When we had our sons, Everyone we know gave us stuffed ones, cross stitched ones,ones on bibs,tshirts and all around got me koala-ed out. At one time,I had 68 stuffed ones. Finally, I said ENOUGH please.We did manage to see live ones at the San Diego Zoo, years ago.
Happy Belated bloganniversary!

Linda said...

My favorite animal is monkey. They are so lively and can really put on a show at the zoo.
Happy belated Blogversary!!
I have linked your candy to my sidebar.
Thank you for the chance to win your lovely candies.

Creativika said...

Hi Allison! Great candy! I linked it on the sidebar of my blog. My favourite animals are parrots! (Yes, I know they are birdies, but still in the category of animals, aren't they? :) I adore them!! :)
Thanks for the chance to win!

Have a nice day!


Jules said...

Hi Allison

Mmmm .. .. .. feels like I am in an interview!!

What is your favourite animal and why??!!?

Well I think I would have to say a hamster - but I am struggling to say why. However, I will try.

I love them because they are such lovely cute little things and I love the way they hold their food and munch away.

I love the way they just fit into your pocket and peep over the top!!

I love the fact that they can just curl up and sleep for such a long time.

However, I hate the fact that they spend their time alone. Serves them right for fighting though I suppose!!!

Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy Allison and congratulations on your anniversary and so very many hits!!!

Love Jules xx

June Houck said...

My fave animal is the cat. They potty train easily, don't have to be walked, and can be left at home for a couple of days. But the best part is being snuggled by a cat. It is high praise indeed when "a cat will condescend to treat you as a trusted friend..."

Crystal said...

OOO What great Candy you are so generous girl!! My favorite animal would have to be khola bears..I don't know I just have always loved them...They are just too cute!!

akagreenhouse said...

Congrats on the hits and the blogiversary!!! Thanks for offering such generous candy! My favorite animal is ...hmmm..let me think. I love dogs. I have one, Bernice, a black lab mix. I also like giraffe. They are a very regal animal. I think penguins are fun to watch...but not to smell. I like any animal baby...except a snake. I don't like snakes, baby or not. It's kind of hard to narrow it down to just one animal. Except a snake. They are easy to leave out!!!

jeanie nieva said...

i love penguins because they are so adorable. :)

Janet said...

Happy Blogoversary! I really had to pause & think to answer your question and I guess my favorite animal would have to be jellyfish. Weird, right? But I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium years ago when they had their Deadly Beauties exhibit, and they really are beautiful! It is so calming to watch them as the swim gracefully by - I swear it makes your blood pressure go down!

Thanks for the chance to win your candy! Happy blogging!

Ildiko said...

Hi Allison. Lovely blog candy.
My fav animal is cow.I've got cow egg holder, cow tea pot, cow socks cow key holder, cow soft toys, cow phone charm, cow phone cover and many more. I love them cos they got beautiful brown eyes. Gonna but a link on my side bar

oxo Ildiko

LuLu said...

Hi Allison - fab selection of candy. I have linked your giveaway on my blog in the side bar.

As to my favourite animanl . . . I'm not sure I have one! We always grew up with loads of different animals & they were all my favourite for different reasons (cop out I know). Now if I am going to be pushed into an answer . . . I'm going to say our Russian Dwarf hamsters. They are so darn cute & affectionate(!).


Christina said...

happy blogaversary!!! My fav animal is the monkey because ppl have told me i act like a monkey & plus i eat a lot of bananas! haha :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Congratulations!!!I've linked on my sidebar.
And I love cats. They are so cute, fluffy....that i've got two at mine's!

Annie said...

Allison, I have to admit that my favorite is the cat. They are cute, cuddly, affectionate and fun to watch. We have two and they have their own distinct personalities

Enfys said...

woooHoooo, congrats on your blogoversary.
En x

Sue said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!!! wow 25000 hits thats massive girl!!!

kristinlindstrom said...

Congratulations on your Bloganniversary and the chance to win some great candy!

My favorite animal is the giraffe! I can sit and watch them for hours. They are amazing! I got the chance to feed one at the Detroit Zoo a couple of years ago and I wanted to bring him home with me. :)

Anna said...

I have linked this lovely candy in my special Candy Club Blog!
U r welcome!!!
p.s.i become a follower :)))

Christine said...

My favorite is the cat, especially kittens. They're just so cute and angel-like! :) And they're very sweet... You know how they rub their backs on your leg or fingers when you touch them? I like that... And they're very quiet! I love dogs too! In fact, we in the family are dog lovers. When I was still living with my parents we had about 10 dogs. Now I think they have around 6. I even taught my mom's dog to sing! And that little cutie just loves me - she goes really crazy when she sees me! :) Unlike me, my family just hates cats! Maybe that's why I like them... :)

Grammy and Olivia said...

I came over to see the details on your great Father's day card, but can't pass up the chance for this great blog candy! My favorite animal would have to be my sweet little dog :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just been doing a spot of blog hopping thanking people who have commented on my blog & whilst leaving you a thank you found your fab candy, so thought I'd have a quick enter!!

I have become a follower as I like to follow & comment not just candy spot! I have also linked you to my candy section.

I believe you asked what my favouite animal is....hmmm I have a few. I love love love Elephants in case you hadn't gathered by my blog! I love them because they are so large but so loving. They really care for one another & they are so amazing. I also love rabbits...I have 4!!

Thank you for the chance to win
Helen x

Debsydoo said...

Fab candy Alison and congratulations I will post a link on my blog when I get hope this evening

hugs Debs x

Annelies said...

Congratulations! Here's my link . My favorite animals are birds. I've just followed a course to recognize them and it's been really great! Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Ree-Ree said...

Hey Allison! Happy Blog Day.
Dogs have always been my favorite animal. Doggies have been so close to my heart all my life. My Daddy raised hunting dogs. He started before I was born so I've never been without. My first dog, a bluetic hound was Lady. I was 4 and Lady always chased the bees away from me. There was a tree she wouldn't let me near so I asked Daddy why. He didn't believe she was doing that, he watched and later realized the little flower tree attracted many many bees! I cried when she went away. My next doggie was Blackey Sparkey... I slammed his tail in the screen door on the back porch and I felt so sorry. Sparkey had a sharp bend in his tail forever. Sparkey ran way and I cried and missed him seemed like forever. I saw a litter of birddog or coonhound puppies each spring. Then one day Daddy came home with Tiger, best little black dog in the world! I remember coming home from school and he always greeted me at the gate, he slept at the bottom of my bed and me and Daddy played with him all the time. Tiger lived so long, I grew up got married, had my children. Tiger lived 16 human years. A few years later Daddy got himself a Doberman Pinscer named Doc. I got another little black dog I named Tiger and I sure loved him. He died from seizures 5 years ago and my grown children and I cried. Last fall the Doberman left and Dad, with Alzheimers, looked for him until he forgot to. Daddy died this year March 27th. His big black Doberman, Doc, never returned. I've lived here nearly 2 years, with my Miniature Pinscer Tiger and he is 4 years old and Daddy played with him every time he went out to feed him, until he forgot about him being here. Rita

Moni said...

Waw so fab candy would love to win it thou! Congrats!
My fav animal is Tiger, they are so cute when they are a babies. They are so beautiful, and when I was a little I wanted to have a tiger!
Hugs, moni

Кари Сол said...

Hi! Congratulations!!!!!
My favourite animal is panda...
Beautiful blog and nice candy. Thank you for the chance to win.
I'm a follower and linked your candy on my sidebar.
Welcome to my blog.

Agus :) said...

Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!
My fav animal is the panda because I think they are really cute and intelligent!
Here is my blog.

Оксинья said...

Hi! My favorite animals is the dogs - terriers.
Terrier spirit and never say die. Sorry for my English:)
My blog is at

Anonymous said...

hiya hunni,

First of all thank you for entering our DT call again! :-) fingers crossed!!! hehe...

2ndly congrats on all your hits very well deserved! happy bleated blogaversary too!!!

3rdly my favourite animal is cats, ive 2 kittens 'apple and strudle' hehe, they're so loving strudle loves cuddles and he's always rubbing his nose against mine for kisses!!

Hugz carlz

T's Creations said...

Congratulations! :)
I have ofcourse mentioned your blog candy in my blog because I'm a dog owner. :)

Dawn said...


wheee great candy Allison
Well there's no surprise that my fav animals are CATS - what can I say they are the cuddliest funniest furry friends....


Angie said...

My favourite animal is a wolf,
becouse they are fascinating and gorgeous,
Thanks for the chance to win,
off to leave a link on my side bar for you,

.................... said...

My favorite animal(s) are my children :o)

Alice said...

Hi from Italy! Congrats on your hits and thanks for a chance to win this beautiful candy! My fav animal is cat, because I loved to play with them when I was a baby!
Just put a link to my candybar!

Anonymous said...


My favorite animal? I don't have just one. On the top of my list would definitly be wolves, eagles, big cats (like lions), and squirrels.

Thanks so much for the chance to win!
I added a link to your blog on my sidebar.

Dolly said...

Taken me all this time since you posted this to think of an animal I like. I've decided to go for monkeys 'cause they're so cheeky. Congrats on your blog birthday :)xx

Tanja said...

I love dogs. They are always happy to se me. ;-)

Thank you for giving us the chance to win that great candy.

I have put a link to your candy on my blog's side bar.

Best regards from sLOVEnia,


Andreja - kokos said...

I love buterflies.
I linked your candy on my blog (sidebar) with a picture. Thanks for the chance to win this candy!
Hugs, Andreja

Marit Meijer. said...

Thanks for the chance to win this delish candy!
And congrats on your blog-o-versary and amount of hits!!!
I've linked you up on my sidebar!

My fav. animal is also the dog... especially my little malthese... she's the cutest ever!

Hugs, Marit.

Nikki said...

Congrats on all those hits wow
My Fave animal is a Squirrel.. I know a rat with a fuzzy tale but we have them in our back yard and they have learned to come and eat out of our hand plus I've raised a couple babies they are so cute when small :) I know they are not really that rare but they are adorable
I've linked you in my side bar
and thanks for the chance
Nikki C

laure et pascal said...

My favorite animal is the dog (the french bulldog!)
here's my link for your blog candy :

Angélique said...

My fave animals have to be cats.
Have liked them since I was little, got a cat at my parents, she got little ones and I just adore them. The friendship you get, but they can also be subborn *lol*
Right now I've got 2 2-year olds here and just love them!
Been to the musical Cats 2x and can tell you the people that play in there are acting so real... just like you're seeing your own cat.
I just love cats!!