Monday, 15 July 2013

Michael Buble and London

No card from me today just a whole load of photos and waffle about my fabulous trip to London to see Michael Buble at the 02 Arena

We were staying at the Royal Docklands which is only about a mile or so from London City Airport and this first photo is of the cable cars that took you directly to the 02 

The next one of me is only there as you can hardly see me- probably making a face or have my eyes shut but am so far away you can't tell !!! This was right behind the hotel we stayed in

We did the open top tour bus of London and it took nearly three hours but it was fab and the weather was so hot it was nice just to sit there and get the breeze now and again

St Paul's Cathedral from the bus

The London Eye

A boat on the Thames taken from the boat we were on- the first boat we went on went on fire and we had to turn back and get off and wait for another, but yes I can London has some hunky looking firemen

on the boat approaching our pier at the Tower of London
The next lot were taken with my mobile so might not be too great
Approaching the 02 in the cable car

 Mr Buble on the stage

A photo of a fraction of the crowd in the 02

Couldn't believe what excellent seats we had, he was sooo close and yes he is even more handsome in the flesh and his voice was just awesome.
He opened his show with fire and he slid down a ramp on the stage as the curtains were opening upwards , singing Fever and boy did I have a fever....

There was also red and white love hearts dropped from above and a bit of the stage that lifted him high up with accompanying fireworks
He sang for almost two hours and it was just spectacular and the show closed with him taking away the mic and singing the last half of the song without a mic and it was just lovely... ah swoon...
Had a fantastic weekend and the weather was in the 90's, so back home now feet feeling sore and tired but it was a weekend never to forget


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misteejay said...

What a super weekend - great collection of photos and what excitement...cablecars, Mr Buble and FIREMEN LOL

Toni xx