Monday 23 September 2013

Holiday Blues

Came back from my holidays on Saturday and I have the holiday blues- want to be back at Portpatrick
Although the weather was not great for half of the week we still managed to have a fabby time.
The cottage we stayed in was about a mile into the woods with nothing but wildlife about, deer, owls and lots of mad pheasants that kept walking out in front of the car wanting to get knocked down!!!
Here's some photos of my week

Misty enjoying the beaches

A bit of the rugged coast at Portpatrick- caught it on a calm day because it usually comes right over the top


Misty again

Managed to start my Christmas shopping while away and of course I picked up a few things for myself- including this cute little drawer set

Have some orders and  DT work to get on with now before my new units from Ikea arrive on Thursday- going to do up my craft room as I am fed up with it looking like a paper explosion everywhere so I am getting big units delivered on Thursday so see you in about a fortnight when I've finished building them all !! 
Will show some before and after photos if it all works out

Allison X


ike said...

Oooh !! It looks so rugged and broody down there :-) Glad you enjoyed your break and thank you for showing me the pikkies :-)

IKE xxxxxxx

Vee said...

Oh I remember going here with my Mum and Dad when I was about 13 years old.( a long time ago lol...) On holiday in Girvan and went to Portpatrick on a day trip, it's lovely. Misty looks like she enjoyed it too. Look forward to seeing your craft room when it's finished.
xx Vee