Tuesday 8 October 2013

Shiny New Craft Room

My craft room has been bugging me for a while- it actually was like an explosion had happened in a paper factory, everything everywhere and so so messy.  On the plus side I did know where everything was despite all the mess.

Well I decided it was time to change so after a hunt about I picked some units from Ikea- two large and one small and a table that fits onto the unit.

After a few days building, moving, throwing out and generally making myself  sore and bringing back the tendonitis in my hand and the tennis elbow I am now nearly finished- just a few more doors to go- but they are proving harder than the units to build as there are no ready made holes for door option- maybe I should have went for baskets!!!
So here's the mess before

and here's my new shiny craft room- a few more doors have been added on since- will have some open spaces and some doors

the bit of mess at the side of the desk has still to be cleared as there's a small set of drawers coming this week
Looking good now but can't find a bloody thing!!!!
Allison X


Unknown said...

I'm jealous, it looks like a beautiful place to create in. :) I love IKEA's Expedit setup, cubbies are awesome, but I like doors as well.

Loopylou. said...

ooooh it looks amazing allison! I LOVE all that yummy storage. And absolutely romfl about not being able to find things!!!! it will be like crafty shopping everytime you find something!!!
huge hugs Lou xx

Kathy said...

It's looking fab, Allison - it looks like you've got the same shelving and desk as I have ;)

misteejay said...

What a lovely looking space. I've been sorting my craft space and I can fully understand the bit about now not being able to find anything LOL

Toni xx

Tip Top said...

Looks fab!!

Kath Stewart said...

wow wow wow...it's looking fabulous...hugs kath xxx

Anice said...

Ooooh! It looks fantastic Allison. Good luck finding anything you want to use!!
Anice xx

Vee said...

Looking fabulous Alison, all your hard work was worth it. I had a chuckle when you said can't find a bloody thing...lol that always seems to happen when you have a tidy up. Hope you're enjoying your new space.
xx Vee