Wednesday 3 September 2008

Arty Girlz Challenge

The challenge this week was to alter something and it just so happens that is what we were doing at Craft Class so here is my altered bag. It is a supermarket bag and had a big green love heart on it and writing- should really have taken a piccy of it before so you could see the difference.

Anyway it involved a lot of sewing and I am not really a great sewer but gave it a go anyway

As you might have guessed it is a dog themed bag now-no surpirse there then

Quite pleased with how it turned out though

looking forward to craft class tomorrow we are making jewellery- that will be a first for me and I am looking forward to it- oh dear I feel another obsession maybe coming on!



Ethel Amutan said...

I would proudly carry this tote everywhere I went! If I could sew half as good as you, I would be altering all of my canvas grocery bags. Thank you for the inspiration.

Crissi Harvey said...

wow its gorgeous i think i have a bag similar to that so might have a go but im not good at sewing so might be a diaster LOl.

Thanks for joining in with he Arty Girlz challenge and sharing your fab bag with us.

crissi xx

Tip Top said...

That is fab - well done!

CraftyC said...

A super bag, looks great!

Unknown said...

Allison the bag is lovely wih your inspiration and help the bag I made has ben admired.
Thanks Allison,

Unknown said...

Allison your bag is lovely. With your inspiration and help the bag I made has ben admired.
Thanks Allison,

Kath Stewart said...

Wow fabulous bag and just the right size for when you go crafty shopping.

Claire said...

Love the bag, I've got loads of these grocery bags so I think I'll try altering some of them now I've seen yours ;-)


LOUISE said...

Brilliant idea Allison, love it, looks much better than the boring bags you get from the shops. Louise x

Christine (All She Crafts) said...

What a brill idea!! Might have a go at that myself.. IF I ever find the time!! ;o)

Chris xx