Monday 15 September 2008

The Winner

Tada- drum roll please- the winner of my first blog candy is Clare
Please email me with your address so I can send it off to you
Well Done
How did I pick the winner- well what i did was write the numbers on bits of paper and folded them over but not before putting a doggy choccy button in the middle of each of them then I scattered them randomly about the floor and told Bud to help himself to the treats and the first one he went for would be the winner and it was no 21 which was Clare
should really have taken photos of that cause it was quite funny watching him trying to get all the treats


Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!! You should patent that idea!

Congratulations to the winner!

lalalla said...

congrats to the winner:) Thank you Allison for the chance to win and great fun:) have a great day!

clare said...

aww...thanks alison....and esp thanks to bud for picking me outxxx.what a great idea.

thanks tip top xx
thanks doris xx

and thanks once again alison..for giving me the chance....ive never won anything like before.

thanks clarexxxxxxxx