Saturday 23 August 2008


was naughty and spent all my money on new stash, now I have no pennies left for all week ooops-usually on a Saturday afternoon if I am not at a dog show I go shopping with my mother but as she is away on her hols I went myself but my one and only stop was the craft shop-oops- only went for a look but here's what I just had to have

Some loupy Lou Doodlebug alphabet stickers in black and white

Some Dovecraft Funky pet brads


New water colour paints

Beads and little pins in the hope I can maybe make some of those lovely hat pin thingies that seem so popular just now- so watch out for some funny looking pins from me!

Zutter perfect closures- these are quite new I think and can't wait to make a book with my bind it and try it out- need to use my Bind it all more so maybe this will spur me on

oh and some ribbon I forgot to photograph and some jewels

Think that was all!



Christine (All She Crafts) said...

Ooh.. that's quite a haul! Am very jealous! lol ;o) Have fun with it!

Chris xx

Sue said...

Oh dear!! You are obviously a danger to yourself when left on your own for a day. I love that hat pin idea too i saw a beautiful card on one of the blogs. It was all in pink with hearts and one of the hat pins in the centre.

Carol said...

Lovely new stash Allison, i got the stickers too when i went to the Stamperama show!! that Zutter thingy looks interesting. Well done you :)

Carol x

Kath Stewart said...

Naughty...naughty but it's so much fun isn't it....fab lots of stash and look forward to seeing what you create