Thursday 28 August 2008

Thought I would share these

little sentiments with you today to brighten up your morning

Laughter is the best medicine
Dance like no one is watching
Good memories are our second chance at happiness
He that cannot endure the bad will not live to see the good
Count your rainbows not your thunderstorms
Into every life a little rain might fall
He who want to do good, knocks the gate; he who loves find the gates open

there that will do for now


Tip Top said...

I always look for rainbows!!!

Kath Stewart said...

Great sentiments and very true....I am a real cup half full person instead of half empty.

Claire said...

The problem with dancing like there's no-one watching is when you turn around everyone is watching in stunned silence ;-)

Great sentiments

Christine (All She Crafts) said...

Great sentiments, and a great idea! I have loads of sentiments stored up.. Maybe I'll start sharing a few as well. Good thinking!

Chris xx

Lisa Olson said...

Aw how very true, u sound jsut a soppy as I am, which is a good thing.