Monday, 4 May 2009

Happy Monday

Happy HOLIDAY Monday- no cards to share at the moment but maybe later.
Had a busy weekend, my clubs Dog Show on Saturday and it was a long and tiring day and I was in my bed about 9.45 on Saturday night exhausted.
Sunday I spent on the couch watching craft day at QVC with exception of when I went to cut the grass but the rain came chucking it down and I got all packed up and in the house and it went of- so I thought... stuff that I'm not going back out
Bud's birthday today..... Happy Birthday to you Bud.... that's him 12 today and he got a pink toy for his birthday..... why? because he seems to be in touch with his feminine side... he keeps stealing Misty's pink toys and looked very strange a t Christmas running about with a pink handbag toy so I thought I would get him his own pink toy and he seems quite delighted.
I am off now round to Sue's to have a crafty afternoon so might have something to share later- that's if we actually stop blethering and drinking coffee long enough to make something.
Have a good holiday Monday whatever you are up to

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