Sunday 26 July 2009

Two Awards

I got this lovely award from the lovely Chris -
Now there are certain rules that go with it, I have to link to who gave me it, name 10 facts about myself and then pass it on
So let me think then, mmm 10 things about me that won't bore the pants off you
1 I'm addicted to crafting and chocolate- they both go together don't they!
2 I stole a cup of coffee from a large supermarket the other week- NOT intentionally but unbeknown to me they had stopped the free refill and I refilled and drank the coffee before realising- sorry Asda
3I have never changed a nappy in my life- and have no, none, zero , zilch intentions of ever doing so!!!
4 you still there??? I am learning myself how to do tarot
5 I hate people that don't say thanks when you hold open a door
6 I looove all things spooky- have a spent a few nights in haunted castles/hotels etc and I adore Halloween
7 I don't like hospitals and doctors- don't mind the dentist but not doctors
8 I hate spiders- terrified of the little blighters and can jump 10 feet in the air no bother when one is about
9 I broke a tin of deoderant in another super market last week and just put it back on the shelf- it was an accident- not very well designed when it just broke when I only wanted a little sniff(is this confession time!) sorry Morrisons
10 and finally I don't like when a shop assistant puts your change on the counter and not in your hand- don't ask why it just annoys me
Whew glad i got that off my chest
Next award was from my lovely Charisma team mate Vee
I know I'm supposed to pass these on to individual people but if you are kind enough to leave a comment on this post you are more than worthy of these awards

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